Wholesale/GROUP-Buy a CASE to SUPPORT: FRONTLINERS in in LI/NYC /or your area!!

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Patented "Double-Back" Patented Garment Bag...GivesBack!



  • Buy a Case for your customers/yourself/family/friends
  • & of course FRONTLINERS to be donated by us in the Greater NYC area
  • "OR"/ if you choice in YOUR area
  • & we'll also GIVE $$ to BreastCancer.org a
  • **as part of a "Pre-Corvid-19" agreement-
  • COMPLETELY able to be wiped inside and out.
  • We recommend putting a "LINER" in the hamper area
  • Why Frontliners?
Our "Duel-Function" 2Compartment patented design of being able to "Separate dirties from Cleans" in the same bag @ the same time...
  • allows them to "Distance" their clothes from their families laundry. & distance them in transport...

**We will include SHIPPING within the USA!! 

**The complimentary side-tote may come in either:

  • the generic ItsMyBag logo
  • or the Support Breastcancer.org logo
  • @ this time/ unable to choose with logo'd tote will be rec'd
  • Either will meet our "Pre-Corvid-19" $$ donation agreement...
  • with either  design the Garment Bag is plan black...

Key Features:

  • Proven and patented double-back design allows you to separate clean and dirty clothes
  • Vinyl & Nylon  fabric lets your clothes breathe while protecting garments from dust, wear and tear during travel or storage
  • Deep 8-inch side gusset allows you to fit multiple outfits in one garment bag
  • Features a full-length zipper, full-length clear  window, gym-style carry handles, clear invoice pocket for dry cleaners, and name tag
  • Eco-friendly reusable garment bag will keep disposable ones out of landfills 
  • BEST to LEAVE Hanger in When Hampering/Straps ARE NOT for Hanging

Product Description:

  • ** The below description NEVER rang so true as to what we are experiencing NOW in our world. It'sMyBag is the perfect way for Frontline workers to "Distance" their work clothes from their families clothes
  • Within to home to organize and Distance active clothes from "others" so when this is over not everything will need cleaning & finally with college children home abruptly/ their clothes can be stacked up and put away...

Whether you’re storing your clothes, going on a trip, or just headed to the dry cleaner, your It’s My Bag garment bag will keep all your clothing safe and protected. 

Our unique patented double back design lets you separate clothes however you choose: you can keep your clothes separate from your partner’s, or you can put dirty clothing in a different compartment from clean clothes. The side gusset is 8 inches deep, allowing a wide area to fit several pieces of clothing.

In addition, the carrying handles make it easy to transport. The wide opening at the top allows the hangers to comfortably fit through so you can hang the garment bag from any clothing rack or hook in your closet or in your vehicle.

There is an invoice pocket and name tag designed to make it easier at the dry cleaner. Both are also useful when using and reusing It's My Bag for traveling, closet organizing and more!