Value Report

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Just think what 2 less disposable bags would have meant to these landscapes.

The Value Report for It's My Bag Is In!

We have received the first report on the value of an It's My Bag reusable and the positive verdict becomes clearer with every use and re-use!!!

We based our findings upon tracking the usage of our prototypes (since 2009!) as well as subsequent usage patterns of many who had acquired our designs thereafter. The data was provided by cleaning service providers, vendors and of course customers.

We calculated as a baseline one It's My Bag servicing three visits to the dry cleaner in a month (with an estimate of 8-10 items per Bag per trip).

Breaking those numbers down over the span of a year's time, this is the potential environmental impact of one It's My Bag:

  • 1 visit: 8-10+ plastic bags saved *these numbers are based on our assessment of a comfortable amount the bag can hold, depending on the width of each article. We urge the user to NOT OVERSTUFF their bag to avoid undo-wrinkling.
  • 1 month: 24-30+ plastic bags saved
  • 1 year: 288-360+ plastic bags saved

With an estimated year's worth of savings at 288-360 plastic bags, means that the usage of just one It's My Bag saves approximately 1/2 of a 660 roll of plastic bags per year. This represents a savings of both $$$as well as storage! But there is more to it than just that.

We are proud to be able to say that our customers who acquire and use our Bags for dry cleaning report a sustainable alteration of their dry cleaning routine(once they use our bag, they are Hooked!!). There are also additional benefits for customers as well as vendors including:

  • Shorter counter time (customers comes and goes efficiently with It's My Bag)
  • Clothing visibility (our traditional clear front design has become our trademark)
  • Less filler such as paper is needed
  • Consumer Benefits (putting clothes away at home...made a BREEZE) *just think, with multiple persons in a home, each can get their clothes back in the OWN It's My Bag, saving separating time!
  • Dry Cleaner Benefits (happy customers come & go more with greater regularity/loyalty)
  • $$ Savings on traditional throw away plastic purchase & storage
  • High level of promotional appeal for the dry cleaner that chooses to place their logo on the bag &/or an event/corporate gifting option.

When the customer takes their products home, they can put their clothes away immediately and not have to spend any time unwrapping them of paper or plastic. All of these factors combine to produce dollar as well as time savings for service providers and customers.

Our patented built in hamper creates the ability to “separate dirties from cleans in the same bag at the same time” !! This is particularly helpful for those who use our Bags for travel either on an overnight or weekend trip where some clothes are dirty and others are clean, changing clothes after work or the gym.. But ultimately, this all connects to the mission at It's My Bag as a product and It's My B, Inc. as a brand: "Believe in the POWER of ONE!!!"

For each one of us has the power to control our own personal carbon footprint and it is our hope that in time, more people will discover just how "Easy it is to "B" Green" with our environmentally sustainable solution(s). Every journey starts with a single step, the POWER of ONE. Be bold enough to take that first step today!!!