It's My B-gives back

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 Colaborative Community of Like-Minded

         Businesses in B-ing Green ……………

It’s My B, Inc. is a developing brand of reusable products and practices, created to reduce/eliminate landfill waste. As we move forward with our signature product, It’s My Bag (a patented reusable alternative to traditional disposable dry cleaner bags); we want to “give-back” to our local community and beyond…Here are some of the ways:

Providing “Gifting-packages” of local products and services in one’s area…

Outreach to the public on how “B-ing” green sustainable in your homes
and businesses not only saves “landfills”, but money as well.

Providing a “Beta-testing” environment for new local “treasures” and for the process of going from a “disposable” way of  Being to Greener more Sustainable direction…

It’s My B - gives back

                                               Together we can change the world one Reusable at a time

*We would like to highlight the wonderful “Green~Sustainable” community efforts that many  companies large and small  as well as organizations and individuals are providing. Their  innovation by bringing reusing and recycling to their customers, groups and communities; needs to be celebrated. Thru this program, that is exactly what we at It’s My B, wish to do. By participating and providing us information below you will be taking part in our “Beta-Test-Run” to then be duplicated to our area reps thru-out the USA & beyond…. There are dedicated persons through-out the USA and eventually beyond; that have expressed interest in joining our:

                                               It’s My B-gives back… Brigade!

*There is no fee for this service. Those that participate are asked to “give-back” to the group to help keep it going upon completion of a positive financial transaction related to the group, with time and or resources…

*Your business does not have to be a green business.

*Your business DOES have to be committed to going forward following Greener practices…

*Meet our  Business Buds that have joined us on this Quest…

Below is how you can join our movement…

*Support our Buds in their quest to advance Green ~ Sustainable products and practices into their business/organization models.

By advancing Green~Sustainable products and practices in the operations/functionality of how they run their business/organization/daily lives they are becoming part of the necessary solution to move our world from a disposable society to a Green move Environmentally-Responsible one!
All pieces of the puzzle are required to make this happen:

The consumer, the products and the business leaders

"Together we can show others how Being Green can / Save Green$$$ and change the world / One Reusable at a Time"

"It's all about the "WE" not the me"

The Products: *These are a collection of daring innovators willing to take on something new. To bring a product to market can be a challenging road leaving many feeling insolated, broke and questioning themselves. Our mission is to join together and support each other to achieve our individual goals...Together!!!!

 A reusable option for shrink wrap

A reusable option for the Swiffer mop-

Future It’s My B reusables

The Practices.

A video stream messaging app

The People

Bill Roth
Founder, Earth 2017

Thank you in advance for your interest in joining our “Brigade” in time for our full launch April “Earth-Month” 2014: