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For Tonia Torrellas, the solution to cutting down on the plastic waste from dry cleaners seemed obvious:

Create a reusable dry cleaning bag customers could use to drop off and pick up their clothes, eliminating those pesky plastic coverings traditionally sent home by cleaners.

It took only months to come up with the initial design of It's My Bag, but it's taken two-plus years and counting to try to get both customers and dry cleaners to change their habits and be willing to pay extra for her greener option.

"In the beginning, I was starry-eyed thinking it was all going to be easy," says Torrellas, 53, founder of Hicksville-based It's My B Inc., the parent of It's My Bag. "I was mistaken." More...

Dear ItsMyB, Inc,

Congratulations! The U.S Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, in cooperation with The Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Earth 2017, has selected your Green Builds Business project proposal for
additional technical assistance coaching. Bill Roth will be contacting you shortly to coordinate the schedule for
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Best of luck,
Javier Palomarez
President & CEO
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation

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We are honored to be the Reusable Garment Bag sited in the President's letter:
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Thank you to Ralph Avallone & the GEC for all their support!!.

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ItsMyB is the Featured Business of the Month March/April 2011 at the Long Island Entrepreneurs Blog
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"Cool new Green Gear" ItsMyB Dry Cleaning Bag More...
ItsMyB reviewed in Natural Awakenings

"Its My Bag Solves Dry Cleaning Dilemma..."  See Page 12 

Press Release
June 1, 2010 9:00AM EST

ItsMyB Becomes member of The National Green Energy Council
(Hicksville, NY - June 1, 2010); ItsMyB, Inc. (, the manufacturer of reusable dry cleaning bags has become a member of the National Green Energy Council More...
This Earth Day, 'B' Greener
Written by Victoria Caruso-Davis
Friday, 23 April 2010

Hicksville Entrepreneur’s Environmentally-Friendly Company

Forty years ago, the United States declared April 22 as Earth Day - a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. More... 
Climate Mama gives its "product & service Seal of approval" to ItsMyBag dry cleaning bags at the NYC Go Green Expo.

"Our visit to the Go Green Expo in New York City on March 19, introduced us to some new products on the market, and reminded us about: More...
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Nassau's Guide to Health, Fitness & the Environment

"Make your dry cleaning bags reusable
I just made the switch, and I am never going back." Check out ItsMyBag dry cleaning bags on page 26. More...

Reusable Garment Bags

HICKSVILLE, NY — It’s My B, Inc, the manufacturer of the reusable “It’s My Bag” dry cleaning bag, has announced the availability of its new “Econo-Bag.”

“It’s My Bag” eliminates the need for conventional plastic wrapping. The company said that production improvements put in place specifically for the Econo-Bag will let dry cleaners, retail outlets, hotel cleaning services, etc., to more effectively distribute the product to their customers.

The quality of the reusable bag remains the same as the original prototype.

The patent-pending bag is designed to function as both a hamper and garment bag, allowing consumers to hygienically store both dirty and clean clothes in the same bag, at the same time.

Made of durable, flexible vinyl and a breathable non-woven poly-pro material, the Econo-Bag is a versatile, reusable garment bag that will sustain multiple trips to the dry cleaner, the gym, or overnight business trips. It’s My B, Inc. was founded in January 2009, by Hicksville, NY, resident Tonia Torrellas. It’s My Bag was ranked among “Cool New Green Gear” by after debuting at the New York City Green Expo in March 2010.

 It's My B Becomes Member Of The National Green Energy Council

(Hicksville, NY - June 1, 2010):

It's My B, Inc. (, the manufacturer of reusable dry cleaning bags has become a member of the National Green Energy Council.

It's My B has created one "place" to gather dry cleaning, cart it to the dry cleaners and bring it home while at the same time providing a unique "green" solution to this county's worsening problem of plastic waste.  
Developed in 2009 by registered nurse Tonia Torrellas, It's My B bags offer a revolutionary new take on getting your dry cleaning done by replacing the single-use plastic bags commonly used with reusable ones manufactured from vinyl and nylon.

Global consumption of plastic bags - dry cleaning, supermarket, etc. - is currently estimated at over 500 billion annually or one million per minute, according to But with the It's My B bag, that number can be dramatically reduced when it comes to the dry cleaning industry.

"Our goal is to reduce single-use plastics - one reusable item at a time," said Torrellas of her product, which following the March 2010 Go Green Expo in New York City, was ranked among "Cool New Green Gear" by

What makes It's My B even more "green" is that each bag does double duty. Not only is it perfect for transporting laundry to and from the dry cleaner, but it also unfolds into a garment bag, perfect for storing clothing in a home closet or on the back of a door. It can also be used for travel to the gym, office or on vacation.

Designed with an invoice pocket for dry cleaning tickets and a space to personalize, the It's My B bag offers customers piece of mind when dropping off and picking up their clothing. By reusing the same bag, each dry cleaning customer will play a major role in reducing plastic waste.

Additionally, its versatile, Patent Pending, design, features a built-in, segregated hamper feature that allows you to hygienically store both dirty and clean clothes.

"The habitual changes needed to really make a difference in helping reverse the effects of Global Climate Change will need to be educated in all facets of our day to day life. It's My B dry cleaning bags are a substantial tool in educating the dry cleaning consumer that they can make a difference in making our planet more sustainable for the future" Said GEC National President, Ralph Avallone.

"What our organization loves most is that this product has manufacturing in the good old USA" Continued Avallone.

To purchase a bag or for more information, visit; call 1-877-4-ItsMyB (1-877-448-7692) or email

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