IM Promos

Welcome to explore the limitless promotional options an It’s My Bag, and eventually all of our reusables from It’s My B., Inc., can offer you or your customer’s needs.

Since our products are “Built to Last” to be used and reused time and time again by bringing “Green to one’s Daily Routine”; just think of the advertising potential our products can provide!!

We @ It's My B are excited for our "Blended-Branding"...multi-advertising/ sponsorship program "taking-off"!!

Many wonderful businesses and organizations have given support to our growing Green~Sustainable brand. In turn their contribution provides us with the necessary tools to "support others amongst us" all while: "Changing the world one Reusable at a Time"!!

* In addition many of them are utilizing our "B"-Credit discount program as a Thank you to you!!!

Interested in joining one of our upcoming Bags or having one done for your next event or promotional campaign??