About Us

See How Easy it is to "B" Green!

Our Story

January, 2009. It's My Bag began out of founder Tonia Torrellas’ frustration with “throw away plastic dry cleaner bags”. Faced with this dilemma; a quest was born:

 To reduce single use plastic dry cleaner bags.

As a registered nurse, suburban homemaker, community volunteer, she knew it had to separate dirty from clean, be convenient, prove it's value to one’s pocket book, the "greater-good" and easy to use & reuse!!!!

June 8, 2009 was the day this dream was realized in Long Island, New York with:

It's My Bag"!!

On that same date, this was going on at the United Nations as well: Object reference, UNEP Head Calls for World-Wide Ban on Pointless Thin Film Plastic Bags Washington DC/Nairobi, 8 June 2009. By this time, in addition to It's My Bag; many other reusables were formulated, all beginning with the letter “B”. By the end of that year, It’s My B, Inc. was solidified and our Patent Pending It's My Bag was ready for test marketing.

During 2010 we rolled out with our American made Bag. Consulting every step of the way with Dry Cleaners and customers. The theory is simple; if either of them don’t find it easy to use/reuse and work well with their routine, then it won’t become part of one’s daily life. Our premise is that if you create something that people "love to use and reuse", we can save our landfills from waste!!

In 2011 our distribution base was expanded by also offering an internationally manufactured Bag as well. As we explored more economic means of bringing It's My Bag to a broader group. We made sure to maintain the high level of quality our customers have come to expect!!

Throughout 2012-The USA-Patent was issued #8,201,684 (Canadian still pending)! We were able to complete out "Beta-Test" run on an extremely "high note"! With the support of many of those in our Long Island, New York business community we showed what an incredibly effective multi-advertising tool It's My Bag can be. The Bag has been, donated for a wide range of worthy fundraising events, used as gifts and sold individually. Every time a Bag is distributed it represents the "giver" and our company’s quest to show others...."How Easy it is to "B" Green~Sustainable"!!

With proto-types from fall of 2009, early American-made product from 2010, as well as internationally manufactured bags from 2011 and 2012 Bags being “used & reused” time & time again… We @ It’s My B. are proud to say, our product has been experienced by many… Thereby, implementing the mission of:

Together we can change the world/one Reusable at a Time”!!

During 2013 we joined with other “Green” start-ups to “Beta-Test” a collaborative union to advance out common goal: “To show How Easy it is to “B” Green”!

Rolling out for April 2014 (Earth-Month) It’s My B-gives back” a place where innovation meets “Main-Street” through specially designed “Gifting” ensembles!!!