Hello I'm Tonia:

A Mompreneur/Nurse/Inventor and a person that LOVES to "Give-Back"...

It's My Bag had a surprising & humbling  turn in 2020 due to Covid-19 as  being a benefit to Frontliners with distancing / organizing & containing their potentially contaminated clothing.
Some described it as "PPE-4 Clothes" Their own "Personal Portable-Locker"!

It's My Bag has put a fresh and fashionable spin on PPE with a bag that doubles as a travel locker! The dual-compartment patented designed garment bag comes with an additional built-in hamper that allows used clothes to remain separated from the clean ones.

This has been a game changer for essential and frontline workers during the global COVID-19 pandemic - with many physicians and frontline workers being able to travel with their clothes without stressing contamination.

Plus, it's also reusable and eco-friendly! ♻️ In fact, T-Mobile has taken a liking in the give-back product and has purchased hundreds of bags so far!