Our Story


January 2009, founder Tonia Torrellas’ frustration with “throw away plastic dry cleaner bags”. Faced with this dilemma; a quest was born: To reduce/eliminate single use plastic dry cleaner bags.

As a registered nurse, suburban homemaker, community volunteer, she knew it had to separate dirty from clean, be convenient, prove it's value to one’s pocket book, the "greater-good" and easy to use & reuse!!!!

June 8, 2009, was the day this dream was realized in Long Island, New York with:

It's My Bag"!!

 Thru-out 2010-2013 we “beta-test” our concept  of a “built-in Hamper” and it was meant with nothing but “High-Marks”. We received our USA patent # 8,201,684 Canada-pending.

However, the materials were challenging. The vinyl need to recreate the visual aspect of the vinyl was amazing soft / flexible and durable from our American-made line; but costly.

The bags made in China had a better “price-point”; but was stiff and heavy. The concept was always well received; but the vinyl issues were problematic for reasons mentioned; but also because of the PVC used to make the vinyl.

In 2014, we took our concept of creating a place where innovation can meet “Main-Street” through specialty “Gifting” ensembles, events, and fundraising options for not-for-profits with a "green twist" under "It's My B-gives back". 

And as the year winded down... "We found an AMAZING vinyl replacement in a material called: PEVA!

"It's Lighter" / "It's Softer" / "It's Durable" & PVC-FREE !!!

Currently thru our "WebStore" www.BuyItsMyBag.com